About my work
In general my work is defined by an examination of
the human form and its regularities in regard to 
the sculptural implementation.

One of my intentions is to correlate the firm 
establishment of forms and/with their connections,
as well as distinguishing the essential, that is: 
the being.

In relation to the space, the contour and the outline 
respectively, are like a silhouette or a shadow. 
On that account a world of its own is developing, 
like a mirror equal to the reality.
Franz Viehauser - Curriculum vitae
		1988 – 1992	Technical college specialized in the process
				of stone sculpture; Hallein/Salzburg
		1994 – 1995	Employment as statuary in Vienna
		1995 – 1996	Sculptural occupation  in collaboration with
				M.A. Dragutin Santek in Vienna
		1996 – 2002	Master class of stone sculpture by professor 
				Gerda Fassel at the university of Applied Arts
				of Vienna 
Degree	       	       2002	M.A. (Master of Art)


		       1997	Data-recall facility in the Austrian Museum 
				of Tobacco, Vienna
		       1998	Garden-Sculpture in the gallery “Kossdorf“; 
		       1999	Statuary at Lerchenfelderguertel/Vienna
		       1999	Figuration and picture at Kunstschloss Nebersdorf
		       1999	Exhibition of Arts; Salzburg
		       1999	Vernissage; Oldenburg/Germany
		       1999	Disclosure-show for the “Project of Art 
				in relation to the construction of OEBB“; Vienna
		       1999	Focal point: Human; Congress house/Salzburg
		       1999	Art display; Rotenturmstrasse/Vienna
		       2003	Exposition in the range of the international 
				diplomatic-meeting; Bad Hofgastein
		       2004	Collective - Exposition at “Schuettkasten Klement“/Ernstbrunn
		       2005	Divers Egal; Vienna
		       2005	ART; University of Apllied Arts of Vienna
		       2005	Vernissage, portraits and “Luegensteine“ 
				at Schuettkasten Klement in cooperation 
				with M.A. Luka Arafune
				Art display at the “Helsinki – house of Arts“ 
				in cooperation with Mirjam Wydler, Esther Suranyi, 
				Toghrul Dadashov, Luka Arafune, Janne Lappalainen
				Exhibition “Sculptures (Plastics) and drawings“
				at the gallery “DA LOAM“ managed by Selma Etareri
		       2007	Art show “Pig“  at the gallery “DA LOAM“ 
				managed by Selma Etareri
		       2008	Collective – Exhibition with the master class
				of Ms. Gerda Fassel

		       1998	Stone sculpture symposium in Cervara di Roma/Italy
		       1999	Stone sculpture symposium at the Island of Ios/greece
		       1999	Metal sculpture symposium; Wiener Neudorf/Vienna
Work and projects

		       2003	Figuration/Layout of the railway station with regard
				to commuters in and around Vienna, Railway station
		       2003	Project Erdhorcher at the Sculptural-Garden Hinteregger/Lower
		       2005	Portrait Project “Stauffenberg“ at the Sculptural-Garden
				Hinteregger/Lower Austria
		       2005	Restoration Project in conjunction with M.A. Luka Arafune
				at Bad Pirawarth (Sculptures by professor Knesl)
		       2006	Internal courtyard/ Atrium design at the city hall Ernstbrunn
				along with M.A. Luka Arafune
		       2006	Figuration of two well systems at “Heilstollen Gastein“ in
				collaboration with M.A. Luka Arafune
		       2007	Completion of the well systems at “Heilstollen Gastein“
		       2008	Participation at a competition for an interior church design
				at Auhof in Vienna
		       2009	Interior design for a chapel in Vienna-Auhof-Marienheim
				in conjunction with M.A. Luka Arafune